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PMDD Drug Shows Promise

A candidate drug developed by Umecrine Mood AB to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) showed positive results during a randomized Phase I/II study.

Those taking the drug called UC1010 showed a significant reduction in PMDD symptoms compared to those taking a placebo.  “UC1010 has been  developed  specifically  to  target  the  atypical  effects  of progesterone metabolites on GABA-A  receptor activity  in  the  brain,  believed  to underlie key PMDD symptoms,” according to Umecrine Mood AB.

While most women experience some form of premenstrual discomfort, about 5 percent of young and middle-aged women experience PMDD, which has more severe symptoms. In some cases symptoms are so debilitating that normal activities are disrupted and the costs to society are huge.