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ProstaLund acquires NMT

The acquisition of NMT, Nordisk Medicin & Teknik AB, a medtech agency company that markets and sells urology products, will cost ProstaLund approximately SEK 4 million.

Buying NMT will complete ProstaLund’s current product portfolio and increase the corporate group’s revenues with SEK 5 million on an annual basis, states ProstaLund. The acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to increase marketing and sales.

“The acquisition of NMT will provide us with substantial efficiency and synergy effects on the sales department. Included in NMT’s product portfolio is among other Gepan Instill, a treatment for chronic cystitis in the urinary bladder. Through the acquisition we will strengthen the company’s presence within urology on the Nordic market,” said Magnus Bolmsjö, CEO at ProstaLund.

NMT’s CEO Hans Östlund will become VP Sales Nordic Countries for the corporate group while the present sales manager Charlotta Andersson continues in her role as VP Global Sales.