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Sectra launches new model of visualization table

sectra table

At RSNA, the global radiology show in Chicago, Sectra is launching an enhanced model of its 55’’ visualization table featuring new touch technology.

The table enables medical staff and students to navigate much more quickly and smoothly when working with 3D images of actual patient cases, thereby vastly improving the feeling of interaction with the visualized data. This will provide even better conditions for interactive learning in medical education and training. The visualization table allows medical staff and students to gain an enhanced understanding of the body’s anatomy and functions, the variation between individuals and of more unusual diseases. The table is a terminal for the Sectra Education Portal, a concept for sharing patient cases, teaching content and knowledge with other universities using the Sectra Table.


The solution is used to train medical care staff and veterinarians in more than 28 countries in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Sectra’s visualization table is a large touch screen with an image viewing program. The 3D images are taken by modern computer tomography and magnetic resonance cameras. With Sectra’s solution, students gain access to a multitude of actual patient cases, which means, for example, that they can study anatomic variations and disease progression in many different individuals. Another advantage is that the students can repeat their virtual autopsies and dissections again and again. The students can simply zoom in, rotate or cut into the visualized body without using a scalpel or destroying the body.
All Sectra Tables are delivered with a connection to the Sectra Education Portal. Built on Sectra’s enterprise image management platform, and thus able to handle all types of medical images, Sectra’s solution is suitable for all training programs, including anatomy training, meaning the medicine, dentistry, histology, psychology, physiotherapy, biomedicine, dental hygiene, speech therapy, ophthalmology and midwifery programs. By connecting the table to Sectra’s unique training portal, teachers and students gain access to virtual images of actual patient cases from other universities and seats of learning that use the Sectra Table, in addition to the pre-installed training images that accompany the table.

The visualization table was developed in cooperation between Linköping University, the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) (Link), Visualiseringscenter C (Link), and the Interactive Institute (

Source: Sectra