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Takara Bio launches human iPSC-derived beta cells


Takara Bio Europe AB, which specializes in human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived cells and medias for scale-up and differentiation, has expanded its offering of tools for drug discovery and disease modeling.

Takara Bio announces the launch of fully differentiated, Cellartis hiPS beta cells for research use. These cells are well characterized and can provide physiologically relevant responses that are beneficial for modeling diabetes and beta-cell function, encouraging breakthroughs that advance research in personalized and regenerative medicine.

Cellartis hiPS beta cells are developed and manufactured by Takara Bio Europe AB, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Takara Bio Inc., and will be available worldwide through Takara Bio affiliates and distributors.

Kristina Runeberg, Site Head and Senior Director in Business Development at Takara Bio Europe AB, said, “We have developed a standardized method that mimics embryonic development to manufacture industrial quantities of cryopreserved beta cells to be used for in vitro applications.” The cells show high expression of insulin/C-peptide, MAFA, NKX6.1, PDX1, and UCN3. They also secrete high amounts of insulin and C-peptide, making the cells an excellent research tool in the field of diabetes and for other beta cell-related studies, such as beta-cell function, screening of compounds that regulate insulin secretion, GSIS studies, incretin response, pancreatitis research, and transdifferentiation studies. Runeberg continued, “Compared with human primary pancreatic islet beta cells, iPS-derived beta cells provide better access to cells and reduced batch-to-batch variability, providing reproducible and biologically relevant data.”

Carol Lou, President of Takara Bio USA, Inc., said, “We are committed to providing stem cell researchers with the highest quality tools and services to address current roadblocks in research and drug discovery. With more than 15 years of experience in pluripotent stem cell generation and differentiation, our scientists are well-positioned to develop the types of products needed to support significant advances in stem cell research. As a new addition to our stem cell portfolio, which includes our DEF-CS culture system for research- and clinical-grade expansion of hiPS cells, Cellartis hiPS beta cells provide a focused solution for the study of diabetes and other pancreatic disorders.”