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Valo Therapeutics acquires vaccine technology

Valo Therapeutics has announced the acquisition of intellectual property rights for the ‘PeptiBAC’ technology from the University of Helsinki, Finland.

“We have a strong and enduring innovation partnership with the University of Helsinki, based on our PeptiCRAd and PeptiENV technologies. Just like our PeptiVAX technology, which is rapidly adaptable to the emergence of new strains of Coronavirus, the PeptiBAC technology can be used against strains of TB for which the current vaccine offers limited protection. TB is still a significant global health problem, including being the leading cause of death in Africa, and is often a comorbidity with HIV. PeptiBAC technology also allows us to further expand into different cancer indications by leveraging our innovative technology platforms and in collaboration with partners. We will identify novel immunogenic peptides from tumors and from conserved proteins in infectious diseases to deliver better global health outcomes,” says Paul Higham, CEO of Valo Tx.

Uses the Bacillus Calmette-Guèrin vaccine as a backbone

PeptiBAC uses the BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guèrin) vaccine as a backbone for delivery of disease specific peptides. The technology has preventative potential in infectious diseases, specifically tuberculosis (TB, caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB)), as well therapeutic potential in cancer, states the company in a press release. In cancer, there is applicability in a broad range of tumour types. Valo Tx has data from a mouse model of melanoma, showing that PeptiBAC elicits anti-tumour effects and induces tumour specific CD8+ effector T cells. In a separate mouse melanoma model, the company has shown that PeptiBAC increases anti-tumour response rates in combination with checkpoint inhibition therapy.

Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd, an innovation and commercialisation company owned by the University of Helsinki, managed the patent protection of the intellectual property rights for PeptiBAC and commercial negotiations with Valo Tx.

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