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BioArctic enters new collaboration with Eisai

BioArctic has announced the initiation of a research collaboration with Eisai aimed at further studying the profile of the investigational drug candidate BAN2401.

The research collaboration with Eisai is in addition to the existing development and commercialization agreement for BAN2401. This new research collaboration is intended to further characterize the binding profile of BAN2401.

“We welcome the opportunity to join forces with Eisai in this initiative to generate additional knowledge about the unique properties of BAN2401. This may increase the understanding of the link between BAN2401’s mechanism of action and the encouraging results achieved in the Phase 2b study in early Alzheimer’s disease,” says BioArctic’s CEO, Gunilla Osswald.

Up to a potential EUR 3.25 million

Payments to BioArctic under this research collaboration total up to a potential EUR 3.25 million (approximately SEK 34 million). The research program is planned to continue through the end of June 2021 and results are expected to be presented at future scientific conferences, states the company in its press release.