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CELLINK rebrands itself to BICO

cellink lab
CELLINK Life Sciences has changed name to BICO (BIo COnvergence) while maintaining the CELLINK name for the bioprinting business. The Group has transformed itself to create a more growth-oriented business structure for faster life science innovations, it states. To better reflect the new structure and all the opportunities that lies within, the Group has changed its name. "A bio convergence revolution" This shift will enable BICO and its 11 subsidiaries to even more rapidly, and more customer obsessed, innovate through the Group’s shared Bio Convergence agenda which entails investments in bioengineering, technology development, product design and UX as well as sales and marketing, the company states in a press release. “In five years, we have built a world-leading group that offers something truly unique – a bio convergence revolution," says Erik Gatenholm, CEO and President​ BICO. “As the company has continued to grow, we saw limitations to make radical change in the industry at our customers’ laboratories with just one product. We realized that our customers needed more and better technologies, products, solutions, and workflows for the most optimal outcome where we together can create the most change. I am proud to introduce BICO to the world and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of science to create the future of health.” Five central areas The company will be focused around five central areas, including the enabling of safer and accessible organ transplants, utilization of cultivated tissue from human cells to eliminate unnecessary animal testing, faster development of more affordable medicines, more personalized medicines, as well as faster and less expensive diagnostics to fight infectious diseases. “Today’s healthcare challenges require complex and multifaceted solutions. The bio convergence principle embodies this novel approach and will enable researchers to uncover the answers to shape the future of health," says Dr. Robert Langer, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, co-founder of Moderna and member of the BICO Scientific Advisory Board. “I’m excited to continue to work with BICO and am eager to see the progress they make.” The subsidiaries that are a part of BICO will keep their names and operate as individual companies. The company’s ticker has been updated from CLNK to BICO. There have been no additional changes to the company's financial instruments. Photo: Cellink Lab
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