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Coala Life collaborates with Bayer

Philip Siberg

The Swedish medtech company has initiated a collaboration within cardiac disease with the pharma company Bayer AB.

The aim with the collaboration is to bring treatment to more people suffering from heart disease and hence, avoid stroke and heart attack. They believe that by introducing a new digital heart monitoring in the healthcare chain patients with undiscovered diseases of the heart and vessels may be treated earlier.

Coala Life’s heart monitor enables effective arrhythmia investigations, early detection of heart disease and a simpler way to monitor the heart over time, according to the company.

“This is a unique collaboration where the combination of innovative medical technology and world leading pharmaceuticals will contribute to digitalize, streamline and relieve healthcare. Together with Bayer we are creating common prerequisites to find and treat heart patients earlier and hence, win the battle against the foremost national disease,” says Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.