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Coala Life has been nominated Cool Vendor 2018

Coala Heart Monitor

Swedish medtech company Coala Life has been named Cool Vendor by Gartner.

The nomination is made for the market for Health and Wellness Device and Coala receives the award together with four other US and UK companies.

“It is as cool as it sounds to be named Cool Vendor,” says Philip Siberg, CEO of Coala Life.

The nomination is part of the report “Cool Vendors in Health and Wellness Devices, 2018” by David Glenn et al. Gartners Cool Vendor 2018 Report evaluates interesting, new, innovative aktors, products and services within the health market. The report summarizes that digital medtech products provides valuable insights and data for self care and for the healthcare.

Definition of a cool vendor

Gartners’s definition of a Cool Vendor is a small company offering a technology or a service which is innovative (enables the user to do things he or she could not before), impactful (has or will have a businesslike impact, not just technology for the sake of it) and intriguing (has awakened Gartner’s interest during the last 6 months).

Photo: Coala Heart Monitor Pro