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Denmark: a Life Science Standout


Industry-leaders get where they are by capitalizing on their strengths, whether that is an educated workforce, innovative thinkers, strong public-private partnerships or efficient government.

With all these assets plus more, it is no surprise that Denmark has emerged as a world leader in the life sciences and health care. Thanks to world-class research facilities and scientists, a solid health care network and one of the best data collection systems in existence, the country is at the top of industries such as drug development, biotechnology and medical technology. The fact that Denmark provides a safe and efficient business environment and a supportive government also fuels its success in the life sciences’ sector, according to Invest in Denmark’s Regional Project Manager Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen.

“A strong life science industry is thriving in Denmark; among the strengths are a lot of collaboration between companies and universities and there are venture capitalists in the region, so this create a very potent mix in this area,” added Sylvie Bove, head of Life Sciences for Copenhagen Capacity, the capital city region’s agency for promoting business growth.

 A long agricultural tradition

The country’s research prowess grew in part from its long agricultural tradition, according to Beedholm-Ebsen The skills needed on farms to ferment beer, process cheeses and prepare pork products led to pursuits in microbiology, enzyme use and insulin development.

In the field of biotechnology, Denmark has the largest …

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