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Elekta wins the Technology Services Industry Association STAR award

Richard Hausmann

The Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) has presented Elekta with its STAR award.

The award recognizes commitment to outstanding innovation, leadership and excellence, and highlights best practices across industries. With this accolade, the TSIA acknowledges Elekta as an industry leader in Field Service.

“We are honored to win the 2019 STAR Award Best Practices in Field Service. With millions of people around the world facing cancer every year, we know that every treatment counts. Being a service organization in the healthcare industry today is about helping customers be more efficient in how they deliver patient care which requires more than onsite support,” says Richard Hausmann, President and CEO, Elekta.

Elekta IntelliMax

Elekta’s predictive maintenance solution, powered by Elekta IntelliMax, is one of the drivers for the recognition. In four months alone, 6,316 hours of downtime have been avoided due to the system’s predictive maintenance capabilities. Instead of waiting for a machine failure, IntelliMax alerts the service organization to possible issues that can be addressed beforehand. Avoiding downtime with predictive maintenance during this period meant that 18,000 patients could have their treatments as scheduled without all the negative impact that rescheduling might have. Elekta continues to invest in solutions that solves problems before they happen.