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Evaxion announces increased focus and fast-tracking of its new AI discovery to patients

The company has announced an increased focus on its strategy around its core AI capabilities allowing fast and de-risked development of its pipeline.

Recently, Evaxion announced that the company has used its AI technology to discover a new treatment opportunity that may broaden cancer immunotherapy. Through new cancer targets, so-called ERVs (endogenous retroviruses), it may become possible to treat cancer patients who have until now been considered unresponsive to immunotherapy.

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This opens a wide range of opportunities, states the company. Notably, it may increase the likelihood of a positive clinical outcome, paving the way for smaller and faster clinical trials. Evaxion’s next clinical program, EVX-03, will target such personalized ERVs and is scheduled to start clinical development in Q4, 2023, subject to additional funding.

“Having been at Evaxion for six months, I continue to be excited by the rich potential of our proprietary AI technology, which I believe is world-leading. A natural next step is to maximize the value of our unique AI capabilities by focusing on target discovery and validation and early out-licensing opportunities. We aim to build a pipeline of multiple assets with superior efficacy and diverse partnering opportunities. This is an area where we experience a lot of interest from big pharma,” says CEO, Per Norlén.

Immediate benefits

The immediate benefits of the new focus are that personalized ERVs are fast-tracked to the clinic with EVX-03, using Evaxion’s novel DNA vaccine technology, early-stage pipeline can be expanded through multiple partnerships, and cash runway is extended significantly through the new focus, clinical trial optimization, and staff reductions, states the company.

“By optimizing the strategy around EVX 01, we can deliver the Phase 2b interim data in Q4 2023 as planned while deploying important clinical resources to EVX-03, where we are likely to be first in the world bringing a personalized ERV-immunotherapy to cancer patients. In addition, the focus on our core will extend our cash runway towards the end of the year,” says Per Norlén.

Illustration of the human immune system: iStock