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First patient dosed with Alligator’s ATOR-1017 developed for metastasized cancer

Per Norlen Photo Jenny Leyman

The first patient has been successfully dosed in the Phase I study with the wholly owned 4-1BB antibody ATOR-1017, which is being developed for the treatment of metastasized cancer.

The Phase I study is a dose escalation study in patients with advanced cancer and this is the first time ATOR-1017 is being evaluated in humans. The study will be conducted at three different clinics in Sweden and include up to 50 patients. The primary objective of the study is to assess the safety and tolerability of ATOR-1017 and to determine the recommended dose for the subsequent Phase II studies.

ATOR-1017 activates 4-1BB receptors which increases the ability of the immune system to detect and kill tumor cells. This makes 4-1BB a particularly attractive target for cancer immunotherapy. ATOR-1017 has a unique profile related to the fact that its immune-stimulatory function is stronger in areas where immune cells are abundant, notably in tumors. This creates an opportunity for a strong immune activation that can increase efficacy and reduce side effects for the patient.

“In the preclinical studies, ATOR-1017 has showed a strong and long-lasting immune response, and even created immunity to cancer, while minimizing the side effects through tumor-directed immune activation. This profile puts ATOR-1017 at the forefront of the field and it will be very exciting to follow the continued clinical development ,” said Per Norlén, CEO of Alligator Bioscience.

Photo of Per Norlén: Jenny Leyman