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Gitte Pedersen: “Invent and invest in positive change for the future”

Gitte Pedersen
An adventurous spirit rooted in a Viking heritage and her parents’ as an example helped spur Gitte Pedersen to move from her native Denmark to the U.S. 20 years ago, where she helped create a company and made a home. CEO and co-founder of Genomic Expression in Massachusetts, USA, Gitte Pedersen also credits her mother and father for inspiring her to explore and invent. "My parents spent ten years in Brazil," she says. "I have family members in the USA who came over here by boat a very long time ago. I also did my engineering internship in India for Ciba Geigy, now Novartis. I wanted to experience the world and I did not just want to visit. I wanted to understand the people and the cultures." What it means to run a business Gitte’s mother was an entrepreneur and a politician. Her father was the first engineer in the family and he was also an entrepreneur. He took over his father’s business wiring parts of Denmark for electricity when electricity was a new technology. "So it was in my upbringing that I saw and understood what it meant to run a business," says Gitte. "So it was in my upbringing that I saw and understood what it meant to run a business." Throughout her career she has also been, and is, inspired by several high-powered executives. "I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Branson at Necker Island when we got into the finals of the Extreme Technology Competition," says Pedersen. "At that point I had already read his books. He is such an amazing supporter of entrepreneurs and he is also a lot of fun. I also admire Bill and Melinda Gates, Bill for how he built Microsoft and Melinda for her pioneering philanthropy providing healthcare for third-world countries – the latter now more important than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic. And finally Jeff Bezos for making Amazon the largest online market place in the world." Read more: Rafael Natanek: "It has been encouraging to observe the growth in the European life science landscape"  From R&D to fully commercial diagnostics company Gitte, who holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, worked at Novo Nordisk in a number of positions, from R&D to Marketing, before she founded Proximity Ventures, an advisory firm that assisted biotech companies in Scandinavia enter the US market as well as assisting the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attract investments into the Danish Biotech industry. In 2015 she started Genomic Expression, together with her brother, Morten Pedersen. The company raised money to establish an independent lab in Boston. While getting Genomic Expression off the ground was challenging, the company has made its mark analyzing RNA to detect diseases, monitor health and design treatments, with a focus on cancer patients. This development allowed the company to jump into the COVID-19 testing market at a critical time, according to Gitte.   Left: Gitte Pedersen. Rig
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