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Herantis Pharma announces positive Phase 1a data

The company has announced positive results from its Phase 1a clinical trial in healthy subjects.

The clinical trial demonstrated favorable safety and tolerability, fast uptake of HER-096, and significant HER-096 concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) after a single subcutaneous injection, states the company in a press release.

“We are very pleased with the topline results. This trial demonstrated that following subcutaneous administration, HER-096 efficiently penetrates the blood-brain barrier reaching a therapeutic concentration in the human cerebrospinal fluid. It is encouraging to see that the concentration of HER-096 remained at a high level in the cerebrospinal fluid longer than expected. These results in combination with our strong preclinical data, provide a solid basis for further clinical development in Parkinson’s disease and in other neurodegenerative diseases. In addition, these data are important for advancing our partnering discussions,” says Antti Vuolanto, CEO of Herantis. “I would like to thank the healthy volunteers for their participation in this trial, our partners for their contribution, and the great Herantis team for finalizing the trial ahead of the planned schedule. We are now looking forward to advancing HER-096 into the next phase of clinical development.”


Based on these results, Herantis intends to advance HER-096 into a Phase 1b clinical trial in 2024 with the aim to demonstrate safety and tolerability for multiple subcutaneous dosing of HER-096 in Parkinson’s disease patients, start other preparations for Phase 2 readiness and explore the potential of HER-096 in other indications.

Photo: iStock