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Karo Bio gets SEK 1 million from Vinnova

The company will be awarded 1 million SEK from Vinnova for the preclinical development of an ER-beta agonist for the treatment of multiple cancers.

The grant will be awarded through Vinnova’s Forska & Väx program to finance toxicity and safety pharmacology studies of an ERbeta agonist. According to Karo Bio the compound has in previous studies been shown to significantly reduce tumor size in preclinical models of mesothelioma and other types of cancer with poor prognosis. The preclinical testing that Vinnova will fund is part of Karo Bio’s continued development of its cancer program for mesothelioma and other difficult to treat cancers.

“The support from Vinnova is very encouraging and is recognition of the attractiveness of our ERbeta cancer project,” says Per Bengtsson, CEO of Karo Bio.