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LIDDS receives patent protection until 2037

The European Patent Office has approved a novel patent for LIDDS NanoZolid technology.

The company’s patent protection for the drug delivery technology is now extended for at least another nineteen years.

The new patent protects fundamental aspects of the production process of NanoZolid drug delivery formulations. The patent covers all NanoZolid formulations that are in development by LIDDS.


Another twenty years protection

“The recent patent approval is particularly important as it provides another twenty years’ protection for the NanoZolid technology and the corresponding commercial upsides, including extended royalty payments,” says Monica Wallter, CEO, LIDDS. “Intellectual property is a key focus area for LIDDS and the new patent provides strong protection for all the novel formulations in LIDDS project portfolio, says Monica Wallter.
LIDDS will pursue the patent application in all other relevant markets, including in North America and Asia. This patent approval will also strengthen LIDDS current and future collaborations with licensing partners. Additionally, it offers potential partners the opportunity to extend the patent life of existing drugs using a NanoZolid formulation.”

The patent is approved by the European Patent Office and concerns the European patent application number EP3331826 with the title “A new method for producing calcium sulphate hemihydrate with unique properties”.