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Life science companies form new network

Recipharm, Cobra Biologics and Syntagon team up with five other companies in a new network to undertake the distortion of competition on the market.

The new initiative is called LSIS, Life Science Innovation Support, and is formed to assure fair competition between private and public players. The background to the new formation is according to a press release a strong trend within Swedish life science publicly funded players acting more market-oriented.

“The political investments that have been made, with good intentions to support the development of the life science sector, become counterproductive when already established, private companies are at risk of being excluded from the market. Considering that increased investments in life science have been communicated at the political level, we estimate that our companies have to become more visible and be proactive draw attention to the existing competition problem,” said Carl-Johan Spak, Recipharm, in the press release from LSIS.

LSIS consists of Adroit Science, Cobra Biologics, Colloidal Resources, Galenica, OnTarget Chemistry, Recipharm, Red Glead Discovery and Syntagon.