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New General Manager in Oslo Cancer Cluster

oslo cancer cluster

Oslo Cancer Cluster gets a new General Manager next spring.

KjetilWiderbergPhoto: Linda Cartridge for Oslo Cancer Cluster

Kjetil Widerberg. Photo: Linda Cartridge for Oslo Cancer Cluster.

Ketil Widerberg is hired as the new General Manager in Oslo Cancer Cluster as from March 2014. He takes over after Jónas Einarsson, whom has been Acting Manager since April 2012. Widerberg has according to Oslo Cancer Cluster thorough knowledge of the oncology biotech scene in Norway after 9 years of work experience from Photocure. He comes from a position as VP in Business Development in Descartes Systems Group.

”My previous experience with the specific challenges the biotech industry faces, such as the regulatory framework, market access as well as access to capital, makes me well positioned to understand the potential  of the future oncology treatments. Patents and clinical results are of course important, but patient flow, usability and resistance to change are hurdles for even the best concepts,” says Widerberg.

Bjørn Klem, Chairman of the Board of Oslo Cancer Cluster says in a press release that ”Ketil Widerberg has the right kind of education, work experience and passion for innovation and oncology. We look forward to collaborating closely together with him on further developing Oslo Cancer Cluster to a beacon for the Norwegian life science industry.”