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Pfizer could set eyes on AstraZeneca again

Pfizer could still be interested in buying AstraZeneca, reports Bloomberg refering to individuals with insight into the matter.

Pfizer may not get a great shot at buying AstraZeneca this fall but it’s however preparing to give it a try. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports, the U.S.-based drug giant is looking at Actavis among other targets. The Pfizer management is reported to prefer a deal with AstraZeneca but is also looking at other acquisition possibilites such as Actavis, reports Bloomberg.

This spring Pfizer gave up its efforts to acquire AstraZeneca for USD 116 billion as AstraZeneca had turned down the offers. Pfizer has to wait until at least the end of November before it could approach a bid offering according to British acquisition regulations. AstraZeneca on the other hand can choose to invite Pfizer for new discussions after three months.