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Positive clinical studies from Bactiguard

bactiguards endotracheal tubes

Two clinical studies, both independent and randomized, show that Bactiguard-coated Foley catheters and endotracheal tubes reduce catheter associated urinary tract infections and ventilator associated pneumonia.

The first study was conducted in Spain and included 116 patients catheterized for 2 – 14 days, with a mean of 4 days, during the immediate postoperative period following cardiac surgery. The incidence of catheter associated urinary tract infections was significantly lower (38 percent) for patients with Bactiguard-coated Foley catheters (BIP Foley) compared to patients with standard catheters. An economic evaluation in the publication confirms that using Bactiguard-coated catheters also is a cost-effective alternative to prevent catheter associated urinary tract infections and reduce the number of patient days. The study is published in Enfermeria Intensiva.

The other study was conducted in Romania and included 100 patients intubated for five days. The study shows a 67 percent lower incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia for patients with Bactiguard-coated endotracheal tubes (BIP ETT), compared to patients with standard ETTs. Significantly less antibiotics was also used for patients using Bactiguard-coated catheters. It was concluded that the use of BIP ETTs is associated with a lower incidence of infections and that they are more cost- effective than standard ETTs. The study was presented as a poster at the European Euroanasthesiology Congress in Berlin in June 2015.

Source: Bactiguard