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Recipharm, Follicum Ink Pact

Recipharm has signed an agreement of cooperation with Follicum AB prior to a clinical trial for the drug candidate FOL-005th, which is being developed to stimulate or inhibit hair growth for both men and women, without side effects.

Recipharm has been commissioned to formulate and produce the product that will be used in the clinical trial. The assignment includes developing and validating analytical methods required.

“Preparations for the clinical study is in full swing and we have now established cooperation with partners that we feel safe with. Recipharm are successful in their field and have a solid track record. We look forward to the finished product is expected to be completed by the end of the year, the start of the clinical trial, ” says Jan Alen Case, CEO of Follicum.

“We have long experience in the development of drugs for clinical trials and are very excited to contribute to the development of this product,” adds Maria Lundberg, CEO of Recipharm in Solna.

 Source: Recipharm