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Salipro Biotech in agreement with AbCellera

Jens Frauenfeld Salipro Biotech

Salipro Biotech enters into a collaboration and license agreement with AbCellera for access to the Salipro platform for antibody discovery against GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters.

The collaboration enables AbCellera to access Salipro Biotech’s expertise and its Salipro platform technology to generate stable antigens for challenging membrane protein drug targets for antibody discovery, the company states.

“We are excited to build on the success of our previous studies and deepen our relationship with the team at AbCellera,” says Jens Frauenfeld, CEO of Salipro Biotech. “We look forward to deploying our expertise and our platform technology to generate Salipro-stabilized antigens of challenging membrane proteins to enable AbCellera’s discovery programs against these drug targets.”


Under the terms of the agreement, Salipro Biotech will receive an upfront payment, research payments and is eligible for downstream milestone payments for a defined number of targets.

Photo of Jens Frauenfeld, Salipro Biotech