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Sara Mangsbo named Entrepreneur of the year

Sara Mangsbo

Researcher and entrepreneur Sara Mangsbo has won the first prize for Entrepreneur of the Year in this year’s Super Talent competition.

The Swedish magazine, Veckans affärer, awards Sweden’s 101 Super Talents each year. By highlighting the individual drive, talent, knowledge and skills of young people, the publication strengthens and promotes them as the next generation of business leaders.

“I am so proud of this prize! Being both a researcher and an entrepreneur is very stimulating and enjoyable, it sometimes also is a lot of hard work. I really feel encouraged and happy to  have been awarded this prize”, says Sara Mangsbo.

Both academia and business

Sara Mangsbo works both in academia and business. She is an Associate senior lecturer at Uppsala University and Chief development officer at Ultimovacs, a Nordic cancer vaccine company with approximately 20 employees. Headquartered in Oslo, Ultimovacs also has an office in Uppsala. The company has a cancer vaccine, UV1, in clinical studies and is currently developing new vaccine candidates for research and development. Almost a year ago, they bought a subsidiary of Immuneed AB, an immunotherapy company that Sara had cofounded.

“It was extremely interesting and exciting to be involved in an acquisition. I learned a lot from that experience. I enjoy working at full speed and with lot of things going on. As an entrepreneur you have the opportunity to influence and discover new treatments for cancer  patients. You also have the opportunity to help create new jobs, work for diversity and inspire others to forge their own path,” says Sara Mangsbo.

 A testament to her entrepreneurship

Having won the prize Entrepreneur of the Year, Sara Mangsbo would like to thank her colleagues, mentors and growing business network. In particular, she would like to thank colleague and research partner, Gunilla Ekström. Sara Mangsbo was awarded the prize at a ceremony in Stockholm 15 May 2019.

“Sara is so worthy of this prize and it’s a testament to her entrepreneurship. Her background and expert research skills are in high demand. Sara’s work is not only important for the work at Ultimovacs, but her expertise is also needed in the growing field of cancer research,” says Gunilla Ekström, CEO at Ultimovacs.

Photo: Martina Sjaunja