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Test lab for health development opened in Finland

Oulu University Hospital has opened a new test laboratory in Oulu, Northern Finland.

The Testlab is one-of-a-kind on a global scale: the innovations and products can be tested through the entire service chain from a private home all the way to health centres and hospitals. OYS Testlab is a part of the Oulu Health Labs entity that involves also Oulu City Lab and Oamk Sim Lab of Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

“OYS Testlab is a test environment where companies and social welfare and healthcare providers test and develop their ideas and products in authentic hospital environment with true users,” says Hannu Leskinen, Executive Director of the Oulu University Hospital.

The main point of the Testlab is based on the idea of digital society where people’s initiative in promoting health and treating diseases is increasing as their homes are equipped with new technology.

“We will need new approaches and systems with which to implement the home-generated health data in healthcare providers’ systems. Moreover, healthcare providers need practices with which to support procedures at home. To do this, new test environments are needed to cover the entire service chain,” says Noora Jansson, Program Director of Oulu Health.


Photo: Tiina Mäki