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Zelluna appoints new CTO and Head of project management


The Norwegian biotech company announces the appointment of Arjan Roozen as chief technology officer (CTO).

“Zelluna appointed Arjan specifically for his wide-ranging knowledge in key areas of cell therapy product manufacturing,” said Miguel Forte, CEO, Zelluna. “Arjan’s experience, acquired on both sides of the Atlantic, will prove invaluable for Zelluna in its immediate focus of delivering clinical proof of concept of its TCRs in adoptive cell therapy for solid cancers. He will play a big part in the execution of Zelluna’s manufacturing strategy for clinical trials and commercialization.”

Arjan was selected by Zelluna as CTO for his experience acquired at Cellectis, the French cell therapy company, where he headed up the GMP solutions and manufacturing team of its gene modified cell therapy. Additionally, he has invaluable experience from the CDMO Pharmacell, recently acquired by Lonza, where he was responsible for all operational activities. Arjan has a degree in microbiology with specialization in molecular microbiology.

“There is a considerable variety of approaches to immuno-oncology across the industry. However, Zelluna’s approach of using TCRs isolated from long-term survivors from cancer vaccine trials is genuinely unique and innovative. It also has, in my view, considerable potential for multiple therapeutic uses,” said Arjan Roozen, CTO, Zelluna. “This clinical potential for oncology patients is a major reason for my joining Zelluna. I hope to play a major part in Zelluna’s product development in the future.”

New Head of project management

Zelluna has also appointed Julia Ino as head of project management. Her experience includes work as product manager, business development and IP manager at Bone Therapeutics (Belgium), where she was instrumental in drug development and overall strategy to deliver a cell therapy product. Julia received her PhD in regenerative medicine at Inserm/Paris XIII.