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Additional patent protection for Oncopeptides

Jakob Lindberg

The US patent and trademark office has issued a notice that they intend to grant additional patents to Oncopeptides AB in the US.

These patents protect, inter alia, the freeze-dried formulation. The patent protection extends to 2033. The freeze-dried preparation with melflufen is intended to be marketed at a future approval.

Major key markets

“We have now approved formulation patents in all major key markets for melflufen. This further increases the protection of melflufen in addition to the composition of matter patent and orphan drug market exclusivity. The formulation patent has a significant strategic value since the preparation of melflufen to a freeze-dried powder is necessary in the treatment of patients as it is the only stable formulation for melflufen. This is a foundation for the future potential commercial value of melflufen in these key markets,” commented Jakob Lindberg, CEO of Oncopeptides.

Oncopeptides has previously received the corresponding patent protection both in Japan and Europe.

Photo of Jakob Lindberg: Oncopeptides