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Affibody announces interim analysis in Phase 2 Psoriasis trial

The company has completed a planned 12 week interim analysis in the its Phase 2 proof-of-concept study of its bispecific molecule ABY-035 for moderate-to-severe psoriasis (“AFFIRM 35”).

“Our Phase 2 AFFIRM-35 study with ABY-035 has now reached the stage where we are starting to see the first results,” said David Bejker, CEO of Affibody. “These interim results are very encouraging and we continue to believe that ABY-035 may be a best-in-class option for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis patients.”

Completion – expected in the first half of 2020

The double-blind, placebo controlled, 52 week Phase 2 proof-of-concept study (AFFIRM-35, NCT03591887) will now continue to completion which is expected in the first half of 2020. Eligible patients are offered to continue in a one year extension.

“ABY-035 is a unique multivalent and bispecific molecule, targeting both subunits of IL-17 as well as albumin and the Phase 2 AFFIRM-35 study is designed to take full advantage of the strengths of the dual targeting ABY-035. The efficacy and safety results seen in this 12 week interim analysis are highly competitive with a high number of PASI 90 responders as well as a solid safety profile”, commented Professor Fredrik Frejd, CSO of Affibody.

Photo of David Bejker: Affibody