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Anders Tegnell receives the BiotechBuilders Award

The former state epidemiologist has been awarded the prestigious BiotechBuilders Award 2023, for his contribution during the pandemic.

The following justification was:

“This year’s winner of the BiotechBuilders Award goes to a person who started his life in Uppsala, trained as a doctor in Lund, completed his specialist training in Linköping and finally did his doctorate at the same seat. He came to work for the WHO in Laos, and for Doctors Without Borders on behalf of the rescue agency in Africa. For us, he is best known from TV, where he stood firm during the COVID-19 pandemic. He became very popular but at the same time strongly questioned when the pandemic blew over the world at its strongest. Despite all the attention, managed to stand firm in the media storm and delivered a well-thought-out and coherent message despite limited information. He has probably inspired scores of students to want to become infectious disease doctors. We congratulate our former state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell on the BiotechBuilders Award for 2023!”

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About the BiotechBuilders Award

The BiotechBuilders Award is awarded by the non-profit association Stockholm BiotechBuilders Association, which brings together researchers, decision makers and leaders from the medical business world with the aim of strengthening the Swedish life science industry. The BiotechBuilders Award is awarded at the annual conference held by the Stockholm BiotechBuilders Association to individuals who take on challenges, overcome obstacles and thereby make significant contributions to the industry and future research.

Photo of Anders Tegnell and the award: Stockholm BiotechBuilders Association