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BIO 2024: Two Swedish companies selected to be showcased by the EIC

Fifteen US-market ready European companies were selected and were offered support by the European Innovation Council (EIC).

Through EIC International Trade fairs and USA Soft-landing, the companies were given access to exclusive networking opportunities, support in preparing their expansion in the US market, and promotional communication activities to help increase their visibility.

AcouSort and Verigraft

Two of the companies were Swedish, AcouSort and Verigraft.


Agnes Michanek, Commercial Director at AcouSort is not hiding her enthusiasm that the company was selected: “Our company is all about sample preparation. We have developed an innovative technology based on microfluidics and sound waves that can automate all the processes that are today done with the centrifuge. In contrast to centrifugation, which comes with many compromises, we integrate the entire sample preparation process and make it completely automated, thereby impacting the viability of the cells less and, not least important, saving time.”

Agnes continues: “Through the partnering opportunity offered, we have met with several companies already that would be interested in using our technology in their devices. So, we are truly happy to be here.”

Verigraft’s technology provides surgeons with fully-biological, personalized tissue grafts for implantation to patients. The first clinical application is to treat Chronic Venous Insufficiency, CVI, a disease of the deep venous system that leads to painful swelling and ulceration of the lower legs.

“As a company we’ve always been very active in applying for and securing soft money grants, both from the Swedish national agency Vinnova but also from the European Union. Through these programs and since we have successfully demonstrated our technology, we were invited to this program,” says Raimund Strehl, Chief Technology Officer at Verigraft.

“The EIC pavilion is very nice. I like the set-up with all the 15 companies around the outside of the pavilion and on the inside, we have space for meetings and pitches and so on. So, we are very happy and very proud to be here. For us, it’s both an opportunity to meet people, but also an excellent PR opportunity to put us on the map. And as we’re looking for investment right now, the timing is perfect. Additionally, we’re looking for partners for our upcoming clinical trials. We want to do phase two clinical trials in Europe and in the US, so talking to both CROs and CMOs are relevant”.


Photo: EIC


About EIC

The EIC stands as Europe’s principal initiative for nurturing breakthrough technologies and transformative innovations. With a budget of EUR 10.1 billion, it is dedicated to supporting innovation across its entire lifecycle, from early-stage research to market-scale implementation. The EIC Fund emerges as the largest European deep tech investor, committed to investing across all technologies and verticals in every European country. It prioritizes the development and commercialization of disruptive technologies while actively engaging market players and mitigating risks. Particularly, the Fund places emphasis on empowering female founders and bridging the innovation gap among EU countries. The EIC support extends beyond financial aid. It also offers access to tailored EIC Business Acceleration Services, facilitating the acceleration of innovations towards commercialization.

Featured photo of Verigraft, Raimund Strehl, Chief Technology Officer and Pernilla Gill, Head of Market Relations, and AcouSort, Agnes Michanek, Commercial Director. Photo: Ola Björkman