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Capitainer appoints representative for North Americas

Donald Chace

Capitainer has announced that Donald H. Chace has been appointed as Capitainer representative for North Americas.

Bringing experience covering Neonatology, Clinical Chemistry, Newborn Screening, Mass Spectrometry and Forensic Science, he joins the team as Capitainer looks to penetrate the US market with their qDBS dried blood sampling technology, it states.

“We are delighted to welcome Donald to the team as Capitainer looks to capitalize on the growing interest from US in our DBS technology,” says Christopher Aulin, CEO of Capitainer. “He brings deep knowledge and experience of both mass spectrometry and DBS testing, combined with a strong network of contacts. Above all his enthusiasm for the product is evident and I am confident he will help us make this important next step in Capitainer’s growth.”

Donald H. Chace

Dr. Chace is also a longstanding advocate of DBS testing being of one of the primary developers of the newborn metabolic screening test known as Tandem Mass Spectrometry of Amino Acids and Acylcarnitines, describes Capitainer. This clinical screening test using dried blood spots and including PKU and MCAD deficiency, is used to screen millions of infants per year, worldwide. He has also looked at further developing this method to provide personalized nutritional guidance for infants. Chace has published 100 peer reviewed articles and has presented at numerous conferences that focus on areas in Neonatology, Clinical Chemistry, Newborn Screening, Mass Spectrometry and Forensic Science

“As soon as I got one of the Capitainer cards in my hands I was onboard,” says Chace. “The unparalleled precision it delivers heralds the breakthrough we have been waiting and promises to revolutionize healthcare.  Now we can at last have a true alternative to liquid blood for diagnostics. This brings a whole range of advantages – from enabling self-sampling of clinical-grade samples to being more straightforward to use in mass spectrometry. I now look forward to setting up evaluations at leading centers across the US for newborn screening and the host of other exciting applications that the Capitainer qDBS card offers.”