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Cartana appoints a new CEO

Mårten Winge

Swedish biotechnology start-up Cartana has announced the appointment of Mårten Winge as CEO.

A spin-out from the SciLifeLab, Cartana has launched a new spatial cell type mapping service and reagent kits for neuroscientists. This enables gene expression to be mapped in tissue samples for the first time at single cell resolution, opening up new levels of interpretation and discovery. Initially focussed on neuroscience applications, the company has recently been selected as a platform technology provider for the major Horizon 2020 Human Cell Atlas series of initiatives and  is now planning a move into oncology and other areas, it states.

Founder and previous CEO Malte Kuhnemund continues with the company as Executive Vice President and head of R&D.

A strong track record in commercializing platform technologies

Mårten Winge has a strong track record in commercializing platform technologies. A molecular biologist by training, he headed marketing for next generation DNA sequencing technology pioneer company Pyrosequencing, before holding senior positions in companies raising a total of approx. 1.5 billion SEK, including IPO, seed and various stages of follow on financing rounds.

“Commercialization of novel technology in life science is what really inspires me, and what I have worked with for the most parts of the past 20 years. Every case is unique – and yet they are all similar at the same time. I know Malte and his co-workers behind the technology here at Cartana, are absolute world class in this discipline. It is a privilege to be part of such a team,” says Winge. “My immediate aim is to continue and build on the strong reputation surrounding the technology, and to gradually transform that into commercial excellence. I believe that the future is extremely bright and that many of the stars are in the right positions for Cartana. The fundamental impact on biological science that has been brought about by next generation sequencing and single cell analysis is paving the way also for spatial cellular analysis. The need created is exactly what Cartana can fulfil.”

Photo of Mårten Winge