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ChemoTech obtains two patent approvals


The company has received the final notice from the Swedish patent Authorities (PRV) for two of its patent applications.

ChemoTech is a Swedish medtech company that has developed a technology platform to offer cancer patients who cannot be treated with conventional methods access to a new treatment alternative, Dynamic-ElectroEnhanced Chemotherapy (D-EECT). These new patents will create a fundamental protection of the technology platform that the company has innovated which is the backbone both for the device IQwave as well as the company’s R&D portfolio, it states.

A major milestone

The two patents involve many different unique technical solutions which are very critical for the innovation of the Tumour Specific Electroporation. One of the most important features that now has received a patent protection, is the dynamic features that protects the treated tissue from Irreversible Electroporation that can result in an unwanted ablation. This feature is designed to reduce the risks of inflammatory side-effects and improve the immunological response that was observed in the latest publication;  Gurusamy et al (2018) Dynamic-Electro Enhanced Chemotherapy brings relief to palliative patients with large tumour burden. Trends in Cancer Research 13. p.29-41.

”This is a major milestone for ChemoTech as this will secure and safeguard both our current platform and any future development projects based on our platform, from infringements,” says Mohan Frick, CEO of ChemoTech.

These two new patents also protect the company’s innovation of the Ergonomic Hand-Probe with multi-dimensioned electrode-positions, a feature that reduces the cost of care when using the IQwave D-EECT System this since you only need one type of Hand-Probe to enable the treatment for both lager and smaller cancer lesions.

Even if ChemoTech has received the final notice, it can take up to six months before the final patent letter is being issued from the Authorities (PRV).