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Cyxone announces promising data

Tara Heitner

Cyxone has announced results from its ongoing collaboration with Medical University of Vienna.

Cyxone and its research partner, the Medical University of Vienna, announced pre-clinical data further supporting T20K as a treatment for MS in combination with a kappa opioid receptor agonist (KORa).

Strong preclinical results

Previously Cyxone announced efficacy of T20K/KORa drug combination in a preventative model: a model where the drug is administered before disease onset preventing it from establishing. In a therapeutic model, the research animals develop disease symptoms over several days before the drugs are administered. The therapeutic model represents a higher bar for efficacy than a preventative model in MS. When T20K/KOR agonist combination was administered in the therapeutic model the efficacy was shown to be dose dependent and synergistic. This supports the concept of T20K/KORa combination therapy as a viable therapy for MS and warrants further investigation.

“We are excited to see the strong preclinical results supporting our patent application and the hypothesis for T20K/KORa combination therapy. With this combination we can explore a novel therapy for both early and more advanced MS potentially expanding the scope of treatment options for MS,” says Tara Heitner, CEO, Cyxone.

Photo of Tara Heitner: Cyxone