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Immunovia’s retrospective autoimmune disease study has been finalized


Immunovia announces that the large retrospective autoimmune disease study, performed in collaboration with Lund University’s IDEA Centre has been finalized.

The study, first reported in January 2017, included 315 blood samples and was specifically designed to assess the effectiveness of IMMray blood-based biomarker signatures in differentiating SLE from three other main autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren disease and vasculitis.

In the first arm of the study, SLE was detected with an accuracy as high as 95% from the RA sample cohort and 99% from the healthy controls. When differentiated from Sjögren Syndrome and vasculitis, the accuracy rates of the IMMray biomarker signature were 84% and 99%, respectively. In the second arm of the study, SLE could be differentiated from a pool of samples of all the three other autoimmune diseases with an accuracy of 96%.

Prof. Wingren, PI and Leader of the IDEA Centre at Lund University and Immunovia´s Chief Technology Officer said: “This study shows extremely high values for the differential diagnosis of SLE which has one of the most difficult diagnosis of all autoimmune diseases. Encouraged by these results, we are now proceeding closely with several key opinion leaders on designing the validation of the IMMray™ biomarker signatures in larger retrospective and prospective trials.”

Immunovia´s CEO, Mats Grahn commented: “Not only do these excellent results demonstrate the best differential diagnosis rates to date for SLE, but they further confirm the progress that Immunovia is making in developing our pipeline beyond pancreatic cancer with new IMMray™ biomarker signatures and panels for areas of clear unmet medical need and large market potentials.