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Kancera gives update on ROR project

Preliminary results from an initial efficacy study show that molecule inhibitor KAN0439834 reduced the number of ROR-expressing leukemia cells.

Kancera has completed an initial efficacy study of KAN0439834 (a small molecule inhibitor of ROR1) in an animal model of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Preliminary results show that KAN0439834 reduces the number of ROR-expressing leukemia cells after 7 days of treatment in the examined organs of the animals. Deeper and more comprehensive analyzes are performed in order to verify the preliminary findings. Following this a decision can be made whether to select a first candidate drug in the ROR project.

The conducted animal study is based on primary cancer cells from patients which adds clinical relevance to the model. Further studies during Q3 2014 have been performed to characterize the pharmaceutical properties of KAN0439834. Overall, the findings suggest that oral administration of KAN0439834 can provide a concentration of the substance in the blood sufficient to reach the desired effect against cancer cells.


Source: Kancera