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LU Holding founds the new company MedBeat

Erik Rask

LU Holding has founded MedBeat Sweden together with Erik Rask, MD at the University Hospital of Skåne.

Erik Rask has developed a new kind of portable ECG device which is smaller and lacks the limitations that today’s devices have, states the founders.

Saved ECG data may be transferred to the hospital through an app

The new device will be used to detect arrhythmias, disturbances in heart beats, which can be constant or come and go. The device is no larger than a palm and is attached on the chest by three self adherant electrode plates. The device register ECG continously but saves data solely if patient imposition is detected by the device. Saved ECG data may be transferred to the hospital through an app on the patient’s phone.


“It is comfortable for the patient, they can remove it when they shower for example and it can be used on small children. The signals have better quality then other removable devices. Devices today are larger and they either have many unpractical leads for the electrodes or they must be put on/started by the patient when she or he feels the arrhythmia, which means that important rythm disturbances can be unnoted,” says Erik Rask.

A prototype being tested

The device is today in the form of a prototype and it is being tested in collaboration with the University hospital in Lund. CE marking, production and validation in clinic is planned during this year.

“This is an exciting company which will help improve healthcare for many patient groups. It is fantastic to experience all this innovation which happens at the interface between university research and the clinical work being done at the hospital, the exact interface where Erik is located,” says Linus Wiebe, CEO for LU Holding.

Photo of Erik Rask: LU Holding