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Medivir phase II study published in Annals of Internal Medicine

Uli Hacksell

Medivir has announced that the phase II study of MIV-711 in patients with osteoarthritis has been published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

The title of the article is “Disease-Modifying Effects of a Novel Cathepsin K Inhibitor in Osteoarthritis”, author; P.G Conaghan et al. In the same issue there is an editorial by J.N Katz, MD, Msc, with the title; “Structural Modification in Osteoarthritis: Dawn of a New Day”, where the study results are discussed. Dr. Katz mentions the significant effect on changes in bone and cartilage degradation after six months of treatment with MIV-711, the high quality of Medivir’s study data, as well as the likely need for longer treatment time to enable significant effect on pain, states the company in its press release.

“We are pleased that our study with MIV-711 in osteoarthritis has been published in a highly reputable scientific journal and that an editorial in the same issue suggests that our study may point to a way forward for disease modifying medicines for osteoarthritis,” says Uli Hacksell, CEO of Medivir. “We hope that this will increase the external interest for MIV-711 as we continue to search for a partner for the further development of MIV-711”.

Photo of Uli Hacksell: Medivir