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Logistics packaging trends

The 4th Annual Pharma Packaging and Labelling meeting in Vienna 26-27 November showcased hot topics within pharma packaging and labelling.

The event dealt with subjects such as fighting counterfeiting in pharmaceutical packaging, where participants learned how to understand the latest strategies to identify and overcome counterfeit drugs and their effects on the market, and track & trace strategies, a case study and takeaway insights of Abdi Ibrahim, a Turkish pharma company. On the subject Serialization and Safe Supply Chain participants discovered a number of best practices in the field of serialization and supply chain, in Europe, Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

The agenda also included the possibility to gain the knowledge of the most efficient way to patient communication and how this can be improved in the midst of regulatory compliance focusing on graphic-designing elements, and the latest technological innovations in the field of design and printing to stay up-to-date and in the forefront was also addressed. It was also possible to gain more insight into the problems and errors of packaging from a hospital pharmacist point of view, including some of the interesting feedback from other stakeholders too.