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New Epilepsy Unit at Uppsala U.

A new department for the investigation of severe epilepsy has opened at Uppsala University Hospital. Patients can be examined with new EEC-and camera equipment and the department is staffed 24 hours a day, five days a week.

The target population for the new department is people with severe epilepsy who have frequent, recurrent attacks that have not been sufficiently helped by conventional medication with anticonvulsants.

Among the advantages of the new department are that ppatients who are being investigated for surgical treatments can be monitored in a more secure setting, says Eva Kumlien, chief physician in neurology.

Patients will be admitted for five days and have their epilepsy evaluated and see other specialists, including neurologists, counselors, occupational therapists and neuropsychologists.
Nearly one person out of 10 is affected at some point in life by an epileptic seizure. While some people get only a few mild attacks throughout their lives, others may have severe seizures every day.

Source: Uppsala Bio