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New platform for biobanks and health data registries

EIT Health Scandinavia has presented a hub that connects researchers, clinicians and industry with European biobanks and health data registries.

The platform, EIT Health Biobanks and Health Data Registries, provides easy access to and exchange of information on European biobanks and health data registries which are crucial for promoting medical research and innovation, states EIT Health Scandinavia. The platform Biobankshealthdata will enable a European searchable overview of biobanks and health data registers and increase awareness of the countries’ differences in terms of requirements and legislation, they state further.

“With the EIT Health Biobanks and Health Data Registries platform, we don’t just connect data; we connect innovators, promote collaboration and drive healthcare innovation forward,” says Annika Szabo Portela, CEO, EIT Health Scandinavia.

Detailed profiles and search capabilities

Developed in collaboration with the European Research Infrastructure for Biobanks (BBMRI-ERIC), the platform offers detailed profiles and search capabilities to support research and innovation. Biobanks and health data registries are welcome to make information about their services available to other companies and partners by registering and adding, for example, type of data, disease area, samples and expertise to the platform.

To further accelerate the use of European biobanks and health data registries, EIT Health Scandinavia in collaboration with BBMRI-ERIC has also created a six-week online course providing an overview of biobanks across Europe. The course in English: “Navigating Biobanks – Unlocking Health Data for European Collaboration” provides an introduction to how to access biobanks and use them, presents the national legislation that regulates the sharing of biobank samples and data and the ethics of biological sampling.

Photo: EIT Health Scandinavia