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New solutions fighting hospital-acquired infections

Three projects providing solutions to fight hospital-acquired infections are supported by BIO-X.

They share the award of SEK 6 million, to solve some of healthcare´s biggest challenges: the high frequency of infections in hospitalized patients and the increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The three projects providing solutions to fight hospital-acquired infections aim at developing products to prevent or diagnose various types of healthcare-associated infections. A group of experts selected the best projects among 35 proposals submitted in response to the BIO-X call instigated by Uppsala BIO. The three project ideas come from healthcare personnel and researchers in Västerås and Stockholm.


The selected innovation projects are Urinary tract infections (a new method to reduce injury, infection, and pain during catheterization), Wound infections (Antibacterial and biocompatible polymers to prevent the establishment of bacteria) and Sepsis diagnosis (Analysis platform for ultra-rapid diagnosis of sepsis).

Within BIO-X, need-driven projects, with participation from industry, academia and healthcare, are run during a two-year period. In addition to the financial support of up to SEK 2 million per project, each project receives process support according to a well-established and quality-assured industrial development model. The purpose of BIO-X is to support product ideas and research to generate a competitive proof of concept, so that the projects can continue to be developed on a commercial basis, in new or established businesses.

Source: Uppsala BIO