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Norges forskningsråd awards millions to cancer companies

Norges forskningsråd awards more than NOK 808 million to innovation projects in the industry.

Several of these companies are also a part of Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.

It is indeed a validation of the quality of the ecosystem.”

“This is foremost fantastic news to hard working and risk-taking individuals in the companies, congratulations! It is indeed a validation of the quality of the ecosystem. This will get us significant steps closer to improving the lives of cancer patients by accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and treatments,” says Ketil Widerberg, general manager, Oslo Cancer Cluster.

Three NLS Stars among the recipients

Among the recipients are for example Oncosyne, highlighted in a recent article in Nordic Life Science. The biotechnology start-up receives NOK 16 million towards “clinical feasibility of in vitro diagnostic drug testing for pancreatic cancer”.


Team Oncosyne: Peter W. Eide, Christer A. Andreassen and Jarle Bruun. Photo: Xuan Jiang


Another company previously highlighted as one of our NLS Stars 2022, DoMore Diagnostics, receives NOK 16 million towards “clinical validation and implementation of the AI-based digital biomarker Histotype Px to personalize treatment in colorectal cancer”.

AdjuTec Pharma AS, highlighted as a NLS Star 2021, receives NOK 16 million towards “Development of a novel broad-spectrum antibiotic resistant inhibitor product”.

In addition, Augere Medical AS receives NOK 11 966 000 towards “ColoCompare: colonoscopy guidance and AI assisted procedure comparison”, Hemispherian AS receives NOK 16 million towards “A one-of-a-kind approach to treat Ovarian Cancer”, and Bluewave therapeutics receives NOK 16 million towards “ALPHAGLIO: Development of a novel treatment for glioblastoma”.

Source: Oslo Cancer Cluster

Featured photo of Pål Rongved, CSO of AdjuTec Pharma, and Torbjørn Furuseth, CEO and co-founder, DoMore Diagnostics