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Novo Nordisk to use Trialbee’s services for e-recruitment of patients for clinical studies

Trialbee has developed a web based platform and methodology which enable the Novo Nordisk to perform fast and effective patient recruitment to specific clinical trials. Trialbee helps reduce the time required for recruitment resulting in important efficiency gains for the pharmaceutical company.

Novo Nordisk will use Trialbee’s services for e-recruitment of patients to planned studies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The studies are phase II and III requiring patients with type I and II diabetes.

“Trialbee’s solution is highly attractive since it directly targets patients and enables them to engage in clinical studies. E-recruitment follows the trend of patients increasingly seeking disease information online. Trialbee’s recruitment technology solves a large, well known and costly problem within the pharmaceutical industry,” says Marianne Pilgaard, Head of Clinical Research, Novo Nordisk Scandinavia.

The partnership with Novo Nordisk is an important milestone in Trialbee’s establishment on the arena for global pharmaceutical companies.

“Novo Nordisk is the market leader within its segment and has a longstanding and broad experience within research and development. Novo Nordisk has a solid pipeline within diabetes and haemophilia and several clinical trials are expected in the coming years. At Trialbee, we are delighted to cooperate with Novo Nordisk, a company in the forefront of communicating with and engaging patients in product development,” says Tobias Folkesson, CEO, Trialbee.

Source: Trialbee