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OnDosis announces the commitment of a 30 MSEK raise

The commitment from existing owners and DIG Investment follows a signing of a strategic partnership agreement between OnDosis and Tiefenbacher Group.

With the partnership and raise, OnDosis will be able to execute the nearterm growth agenda; initially focusing on bringing OnDosis’ ADHD drug/device combination currently in development to the market in the US.

This followed by potential initiation of several other drug/device combinations for diseases which require individual dosing and benefit from combining traditional drug-based therapies with digital therapeutics. OnDosis is positioned in the convergence between personalized medicine and Digital therapeutics. Based on the rapidly growing demand of personalizing medicine and applying digital technologies to healthcare delivery, OnDosis plan to raise additional funds in the coming year.

“We are excited to have continued support from current strategic owners, among them AstraZeneca and Boston Consulting Group, and a new financial investor, DIG Investment, to back our ambitious growth agenda. With the breakthrough agreement with Tiefenbacher Group, we will now accelerate in building critical team capabilities and conclude final steps in the development of our first product launch anticipated in the coming years,” says Martin Olovsson, CEO of OnDosis.

Photo of Martin Olovsson