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Recipharm launches serialization service

Recipharm Haninge

The CDMO company has announced the launch of its standalone serialization service ahead of the introduction of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

The new service is designed to offer pharmaceutical companies access to Recipharm’s serialization capabilities as a standalone service due to increasing concerns that many will not be ready for the February 2019 compliance deadline, reports the company.

2D codes, human readable text and tamper evidence

Moving forward Recipharm will be able to add 2D codes, human readable text and tamper evidence to pre-packed medicines using existing equipment across its facilities, they state in the press release.

”This new offering is the latest phase in our company-wide serialization project which was launched in 2016 following a EUR 40 million investment,” said Staffan Widengren, Director of Corporate Projects at Recipharm and Head of the Global Steering Committee for Recipharm’s serialization programme. “As the deadline gets closer we’re seeing more and more companies ask if we can provide an outsourced serialization service that caters for the new requirements, even if the product itself is not manufactured within Recipharm it made sense to allow customers who were struggling with their existing provider to get access to our solution. Implementing these measures independently across packaging lines to ensure compliance is a relatively straightforward process when using offline equipment. Our experience of serialization means we can ensure compliance quickly and efficiently for our customers.”


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