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SCA medtech company of the year

Global hygiene firm SCA has been named medtech company of the year by Swedish Medtech.

“We are proud and happy to receive the prize. With this prestigious award we have been recognized for our progress within medical technology. We have only just scratched the surface of the great needs existing but there are also large improvements within reach,” commented Hans Bergh, Business Area Manager for TENA Sweden.

According to the jury, SCA got the prize for “with a seemingly easy product, focusing on the customer and user, working to break taboos and improving people’s life quality. The company has by using modern information technology created a comprehensive service where they have been able to differentiate, serve both end customer and professional clients, adding socio-economical value and increasing quality in elderly care. By building a strong trademark on the global market this year’s medtech company 2013 has raised the quality of enuresis care.”

The Swedish trade organization Swedish Medtech hands out the annual prize to companies that successfully contribute to development in the health care sector.