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SciBase partner with a large health care group in Los Angeles

SciBase Holding continues to expand in California with a collaboration agreement with Unified Health.

Unified Health has nine clinics in Southern California.

“At Unified Health, we believe in providing our patients with exceptional medical care and access to the most advance medical technology. Our experienced team of providers are committed to delivering the highest quality of dermatological care to our patients, especially when it comes to the earliest detection possible of melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer. For these reasons, we are excited to use Nevisense and believe it will help us improve outcomes for our patients,” says Michael Lin, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Founder of Unified Health.


“SciBase and Unified Health are well aligned with a shared mission to provide clinicians with early detection of melanoma solutions that can drive improved patient outcomes,” says Pia Renaudin, CEO of SciBase. “We are encouraged to see more patients getting access to our point-of-care technology that enables the earliest detection possible of melanoma when it is almost 100% curable.”

Photo of Pia Renaudin: SciBase