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SenzaGen expands its product portfolio

The company announces the launch of GARD skin Medical Device – a new test to assess whether medical devices can cause skin allergies.

Regulatory changes are already underway in the market, which will mean increased requirements for product safety. The launch will take place at the Eurotox congress in Helsinki on September 8-11, 2019.

The target group for GARD skin Medical Device is initially medical device companies that perform sensitization tests during their product development and have high quality and safety requirements for the risk assessment related to their materials. With this test, SenzaGen meets the needs of an additional customer group and strengthens its position in the global market for cell-based in vitro tests, it states.

“With our test method we can offer the industry a cost efficient and better method which gives more accurate results without animal testing. By identifying strategically important product development customers, we can already now generate sales and help them prepare for when the new regulations are in place. The ultimate goal is to see the test method being part of the international ISO standard so that it can be used instead of animal testing when registering medical devices,” says Axel Sjöblad, CEO of SenzaGen.

Photo of Axel Sjöblad: SenzaGen