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She is the winner of the Göran Gustafsson prize in molecular biology

Emma Lundberg Photo Daniel Roos

Emma Lundberg, Professor in Cell Biology Proteomics at KTH, Associate Professor of Bioengineering and Pathology at Stanford University, and Head of the Subcellular Section of the Human Protein Atlas, has been awarded the Göran Gustafsson prize in molecular biology.

Emma Lundberg receives the prize for “pioneering work to develop technologies and analysis tools for large-scale characterizations of the cellular and subcellular human proteome”.

“It’s truly an honor to receive this award, and I’m very grateful to the Göran Gustafsson foundation and to my colleagues in the Human Protein Atlas for making it possible to do the kind of science we’re doing,” says Emma Lundberg.


The prize consists of a research grant of 5.1 million SEK, spread over three years, and a personal prize of 250,000 SEK.

The project she now wants to carry out is intended to provide new knowledge about the cell cycle and its metabolic regulation with the hope to create new strategies for drugs and diagnostic tools for cancer, reports the Human Protein Atlas.

Photo of Emma Lundberg: Daniel Roos